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1 in 3 women (30%) worldwide have been subjected to either physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime.

Source: World Health Organization

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"Together, we can change the world, and how the world treats women."



Football is a unique sports branch where everyone becomes one heart, shares the same joys and same hopes, without distinguishing race, age, gender, and language. With the unifying power it has, football is never just football. With this as our guiding principle, United 4 HER was created in collaboration with the Garip & Zeycan YILDIRIM Foundation as a means to bring global attention to violence against women.

In this path, where we aim to be the pioneer of social change, we undertake the task of informing the large audience who follows us, and we ask everyone to unite with us. The values inherited from Atatürk, whose image we proudly carry on our logo, requires us to continue our struggle both in and out of the stadium for a world where we can all live safe and be free in.


Despite increasing awareness, gender inequality persists throughout the world. Therefore, we are proud to take a stance against inequality, use our resources for this reason, and to take action that mobilizes our community to raise awareness globally.

With United 4 HER we support projects targeting to end all forms of violence against women and girls. Being aware that inequality does not remain only on the basis of gender, but spreads to all areas of life, we initiate new projects to enable women to equally access economic resources, assets, and opportunities. We believe that when we empower women and children, the prosperity level of society will increase. With that belief, we aim to empower women in our broader community to participate in decision-making equally.



We undertake the task of informing and raising awareness against all kinds of inequality in the large audience who follow us. With that power, we aim to be the pioneer of social transformation and mobilize individuals to be with us in this change.

Going beyond being a mere sports club, we also want to inspire other clubs to create social benefits and take part in the change, through our work for this cause. The values inherited from Atatürk, whose image we proudly carry on our logo, require us to take this responsibility. We send a single message in 15 languages every time we go out on the field with The World’s Heaviest Jersey Project. We say “NO!” to violence against women.


“Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but is essential for a peaceful and prosperous community and sustainable world.”

We believe that gender equality is the basis of development. In terms of social transformation and development, gender equality has an important effect, influencing many topics such as achieving greater growth in the world and Turkish economy, achieving higher productivity in business life, and reducing poverty.

By empowering women and reducing gender inequality, we can make significant progress and increase the prosperity and strength of society. If we can empower women, we can encourage communities to cope with challenges, increase social cohesion, witness children grow up in better conditions, and achieve equal opportunities in education.

kadına şiddete hayır

Samsunspor Is Not Just A Sports Club. Because;
"Football Is Never Just Football"

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